Kotor (Montenegro)

Balkan Road trip – Part 4
Day 5: from Sveti Stefan to Kotor

Thursday, December 27, 2018

we checked out at our apartment at 10:15, it was a sunny day, 12 degree.

Kotor is only about 45 min drive. We parked the car and walked to the old town center. No car can enter the center, the roads ar tight and the houses stand very narrow. After check-in at the apartment, we moved the car to a free of charge parking area, and then started to explore the city.

Kotor is located at a secluded part of the golf of Kotor, surrounded by grey lime stone mountain.

The city was founded in the 5th century b.C., today the population is about 13-14 thousand people only.

The medieval town and its fortifications mainly have been build and extended during the venetian period. Above the town, on the top of a huge limestone rock, St. John Fort oversees the city and the bay. The fortress ages back to the beginning of the city, same as the city it was extended during venetian period and experienced several battles, last during the second world war.

The afternoon and evening we spent walking the old city, visiting the St. Nicolas Orthodox church, the St. Clara Franziskanerian church, exploring the market trying mandarins, various cheese from cow, sheep and goat, prosecuto and other home made bacon from pork and cow. At around 4:00 pm the mountains started to glow golden and red – wow.

In the afternoon a huge cruse docked at Kotor peer and the old town center became crowded for a couple of hours. Amazing to see such a large boat in a small bay.  

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