“Roasting coffee is an art. Set your mind and senses flow – forming the taste with imagination of beauty and nature.


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Living in Jakarta offers the opportunity to access and study about Indonesia coffee, the beans and their location and history.

The focus was set on the finest beans from Indonesia – with the target to further develop the original flavors and characteristic. 

And as a micro-roaster with small volumes, it is possible to source the highest quality of beans directly from the farmer, so called “single origin”.

The roasting profiles, which are driven by temperature and time, are chosen carefully for each bean and roast. Light to medium roast applied for fruity results and cupping, full-city roast for a more full body with natural sweetness. The flexibility in roasting, together with high quality beans, allow to develop the original coffee aroma and flavor to achieve a harmonized cup – which reflects the characteristic of each origin and the harvesting and drying process applied by the farmer.

Location, type of bean, harvesting and drying process already influence the taste of the bean. The roasting can form and develop those characteristics – same time it is essential to consider the individual taste and brewing method.


By enjoying a cup of coffee, the spirit, flavor and nature of its origin reach your senses, enhance your day and activate your body spirits and refresh your mind.