Kotor (Montenegro): The Fortress

Balkan Road trip – Part 5
Day 6: Kotor 
Friday, December 28, 2018

We started from our apartment Hostel Ivana at about 8:40 am to walk hundreds of steps up to the top of the Kotor St. John fortress. It was a clear, cold morning and the sun had not reached this part of the mountain slope yet.

All the way up we walk behind defense walls, pass several watch towers until we reached a chapel. At the chapel five cats waited for their food to be delivered. Kotor is famous for the large population of cats. We are still wondering if there are more cats than residents in this city…

Step by step we continued walking until we entered the main fortress. Ruins of many buildings, towers, defense systems are connected by various ways and stairs. We reached the top just 5 min before the sunshine appeared over the top of the next mountain ridge.

The view was great.

The hike made us hungry. About 150 meters below the fortress top buildings, there is a small opening in the backwall of the defense system. From here you can exit the fort and after climbing down a few steep rocks, follow the hiking path down to a ruin of a small chapel. From the chapel hike about 80 meters uphill and you will reach a shepherds house.

There we enjoyed our breakfast – coffee, cheese and bread. With a view on Kotor bay.

The day we spent in Kotor, walked the city and relaxed on the terrace. One day without driving 😉

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