Perast (Montenegro) and Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Balkan Road trip – Part 6
Day 7 – From Kotor via Perast (Montenegro) to Dubrovnik (Croatia)

6°C, leaving Kotor 9.20 am

We brought our things to the car and then visited the local market. There we bought from the farmers various home made products as:

1kg Honey 10 Eur
2 candles @ 2 Eur
Turkish Delight @ 2 Eur / 100 gr, total we buy 26 Eur
small honey nuts jar 5.5 Eur
smoked beef for 18 Eur
sausages 9 Eur
Smoked lamb leg 29 Eur
Cheese 12 Eur
prosecuto 18 Eur
2 Figs chains @ 5 Eur = 10 Eur
3 kg mandarin 3 Eur

The interesting thing was, that even Montenegro is not part of the EU, they are using EUR.

We left Kotor at 9:20 and drove around Kotor bay to Perash.
Perast is a small city with many palaces and small churches. It looks like a small piece of Venice which drifted here and stuck to the mountain in the bay.

From Perast we took a small boat, passed St. George Island and visited the church on “Our Lady of the Rocks Island“.

According to the legend, on July 22, 1452, a fisherman found the ikon “Madonna with a Child” on a rock at this place. From then he brought stones and build an artificial island and the church. Local fisherman and boats which passed the island on their way to the mediteranian sea or after their save return, dropped a rock which is still practiced up until today.

We continued driving north, from Montenegro passed the border to Croatia. The check at the Croatian border took quite long, besides the usual check of the papers the customs searched the car and our luggage for weapons, drugs or narcotics / medicine.

We arrived at Dubrovnik at 1:30, checked in at the apartment and then walked to the old city.

Dubrovnik – located on a rock above the Mediterranean sea – became specially famous after the series Game of Thrones. The old city has impressive huge walls, towers, palaces and churches. Compared to Kotor it is much more spacious with wide streets and places inside of the city. It was cold but clear weather and we explored the town, visited some of the buildings and churches. Unfortunately due to the increased number of visitors during the year, the prices increased to a crazy level – 8 EUR for a glass of beer – and the staff in various shops, restaurants or public places (ticket offices) don’t feel any need of friendliness and politeness towards the visitors.

It is only 97 km from Kotor to Dubrovnik.

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