Kinpusan 金峰山, 2.599 m

2.599 m

19. Jul 2009

This day I wanted to hike in the Yatsugatake-mountains. I reached the bottom of the mountain range about 9:30 am, but especially on this mountain the weather seemed to be very bad. Dark clouds covered the top. I checked my hiking book and found another, smaller mountain in this area.

Usually the navigation system is a very helpful tool but this time it surprised me. It took me to a very small road – no, it was more an off-road single track trail, not a road. But no problem for the stepwagn and I was lucky that I had a 4 wheels drive. The road was about 10 km long but it took almost on hour. On the top there was no parking place, so I parked the car at the side of the road.

Hiking stated at 11:20 am at 2.380 m, just below the clouds.

First I climbed北奥千丈岳 Kitaokusenjoudake, this has been easy to go. It is an interesting hike because you hike on wooden stairs and trails within the forest and sometimes above the trees and bushes.

From Kitaokusenjoudake (2.601 m) I went back to the starting point and then continued hiking in the other direction. The trail leads up to 2.579 m and down to 2.480 m and up again. The tops of the mountains always have been within the clouds, the trail between the tops not.

Kimpusan summit (2.599 m) contains of big granite rocks. It was very foggy and sometimes it was difficult to find the right way. On the top I meet one Japanese hiker – he stayed in the mountain hut on the north-east side of the mountain. On my way back I was able to see Fuji-san. I reached the car around 4:00 pm and went back to Takasaki where I arrived about 7:00 pm.

金峰山 Kinpusan              19. Jul 2009

Start      大弛み峠 Oodarumi-pass             11:20 am                2.380 m
Top        北奥千丈岳 Kitaokusenjoudake 12:10 pm               2.601 m
Finish    大弛み峠 Oodarumi-pass             12:40 pm               2.380 m
Duration:             1 h 20 min           Distance:             2 km          Height: 220 m
Start      大弛み峠 Oodarumi-pass             12:40 pm                2.380 m
Top        金峰山Kinpusan              2:20 pm               2.599 m
Finish    大弛み峠 Oodarumi-pass             4:00 pm               2.380 m
Duration:             3 h 20 min           Distance:             4,2 km          Height: 500 m

Total-duration:  4 h 40 min           Distance:             6,2 km          Height: 720 m

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