Nasudake 那須岳, 1.917m

1.917 m

9. May 2010

Started in Takasaki before 6.00 am, took ropeway at 8:00 am. It was a beautiful morning, clear sky, fresh air.  Climbing Tshjausudake, which is also known as Nasudake, is easy, only at the top some rocks have to be climbed. In front of the small shrine there is a packet of cigarettes. I wonder – is it a gift or did anybody stop smoking here?

The wind was very strong. On the way to Asahidake, the next peak a bit to the north, I crossed some snowfields. The way became more difficult, but all critical parts are well secured with chains. After a short rest at Asahidake I continued hiking Sanbonyaridake. On the way back to the ropeway station I crossed sulfur fields – with hot ground and strong smell. Before driving back, I went to a local onzen and relaxed in turquoise colored water, in pools from 42-46 degree. Even two days later my skin smelled like sulfur…  

那須岳 Nasudake            9. May 2010
Start      山頂駅 Santchyoueki      8:30 am               1.690 m
Top        茶臼岳 Tshjausudake     9:10 am               1.915 m
Trail       峰ノ茶屋避難小屋 Minanodschjajahisangoya            9:50 am               1.720 m
Top        朝日岳 Asahidake           10:30 am               1.896 m
Top        三本槍岳 Sanbonyaridake           11:50 am               1.917 m
Trail       峰ノ茶屋避難小屋 Minanodschjajahisangoya            1:15 pm               1.720 m
Trail       牛ケ首 Ushigakubi          2:20 pm               1.735 m
Finish    山頂駅 Santchyoueki      2:40 pm               1.690 m

Duration:             6 h 10 min           Distance:             11,2 km          Height: 861 m

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