Tateshinayama 蓼科山, 2.533 m

2.533 m

  1. Jul 2010

Still rainy season continued…

It was raining and raining and raining… Still I wanted to go out for hiking and so I picked Tateshinayama which is about 2 hours from Takasaki and not too difficult.

When I arrived at the hiking parking place it was foggy.

The forest looked mystery – old trees covered with green plants (I don’t know English name, please see the picture).

Second half of the trail war covered with many rocks, some big rocks have to be climbed by using feet and hands. But always the way was easy to find – even in fog – thanks to many good visible yellow marks.

I meet several other hikers this day who did not mind the bad weather, too. It was like opposite mindset – appreciating to experience the mountain in foggy weather condition. Can be fun! Depending on our mindset 😉

The top of Tateshinayama was completely covered with rocks. And there was light rain, wind and no view. Not really a nice place for lunch break and so I immediately went back and returned smoothly to the car.

On the way back home, I bought a delicious hot corn with lots of butter and a bit salt on it. Nice local snack and perfect after a wet hike.


蓼科山Tateshinayama  04. Jul. 2010

Start      七合目 Nanagoume parking        9:40 am               1.900 m
Trail up 蓼科山荘 Tateshinayamasou  10:50 am               2.355 m
Top        蓼科山Tateshinayama  11:20 am               2.533 m
Finish    七合目 Nanagoume parking        12:40 pm               1.900 m

Duration:             3 h          Distance:             4,5 km               Height: 640 m

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