Kirigamine 霧ヶ峰, 1.925 m

1.925 m

23. Jan 2011

We started in Takasaki at 10:00 am and took the highway, then R142 and reached Kurumayamakogen-ski-area (車山高原スキー場) about 12.00 pm. The weather was fine.

Of cause the two chairlifts have been big fun for the children. On the mountain top a cold wind was blowing. We walked around the top for about 40 minutes from where we had a good view on Yazugatake-mountain range, Fujisan, Minami-alps (esp. Kitadake, Ainodake, Houousan), Kitaalps (Takeyama), Asamayama and others.

We walked down in the snow until the middle station. For the children it was a bit tough, they sank into the snow, but at the end it was fun and they did well. At 3:00 pm we took the chairlift downwards. In the evening it became cloudy. We returned to Takasaki about 6:00 pm.

This mountain was the easiest of the 100 Meisan. No climbing is necessary.

霧ヶ峰  Kirigamine           23. Jan 2011

Start       車山高原スキー場Kurumayamakogen-skijou (Kurumakogen ski area)   12:00 pm            
Trail up  Chairlift (two times) 😊
Top         車山 Kurumayama                            1.925 m
Trail down            Walk till down till 1st chairlift-station, then take lift                      
Finish     車山高原スキー場Kurumayamakogen-skijou               3:30 pm

Duration:             –              Distance:              0,1 km               Height:  10 m


2013, July 14th I hiked here again. This time started at the parking area at 13:00, walked up to 車山 Kurumayama. From there to the west and took a long walk around the highlands, in total 4 and a half hours. The way is easy to find and walk, lots of flowers to see and offers beautiful views on the surrounding mountains.

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