Sobosan 祖母山, 1.756 m

1.756 m

  1. Apr 2012

20./21. Apr. 2012:

Start in Tomioka at 17:20. Rest at service area about 2 hours from 1:30 am, then continued the drive. Arrived at Kyushuu in the morning, very tired. Strong wind – a storm was rising up. In the afternoon heavy rain started, no good weather at all.

  1. Apr.2012

According to weather forecast, the rain should have stopped from 11.00 am, but didn’t. Near Aso-san there is a famous gorge, called Kikuchi-gorge. The weather was bad but it was perfect for walking through this this gorge. The nature showed up from a beautiful sight, somehow sad, and peaceful, too. Later in the afternoon, the weather cleared up – good to visit outside onsen (Iwakura Ryokan) and a good sign for the hike next day.


  1. Apr. 2012

A beautiful morning! A great day for hiking! I wanted to hike Soba-san range and peaks as much as possible, so I decided to start from the north entrance. You need a 4 wheels drive to get to this entrance, it’s a gravel road.

This hiking route offers lots of nature experience. It starts in cedar tree forest, then leads through several other kinds of forests. It is easy to walk, just little bit slippery after rain or snow melt season.

On the top, I met 4 other hikers, all of us happy! The other hikers went back the same way while I continued to the east side. The trail became much more difficult – some steep rocks had to be climbed using rope or letters. All installed support equipment was in good condition and if you ‘re ok with height and don’t mind looking down, it’s no problem at all. Walking up this way, means opposite direction as my tour, is much easier than walking down.

At the mountain spring I lost the way. Hiking down in my direction, you’ll have to turn left before the spring, do not walk down to the spring and try to continue in the river valley!!!
Please walk carefully, especially if the trail is difficult to see in bamboo.

On the further way down, you will pass many big trees and then continue through a beautiful river valley before reaching parking place, which also is the end of this trail. From the road, I had a beautiful view on Sobasan with sherry blossom (hanami).


祖母山 Sobosan              23. Apr. 2012

Start      北谷登山口KITADANI TOZANGUTI         9:20 am              1.100 m
Trail up 千間平Sengenndaira     10:15 am            1.440 m
Trail      国観峠  Kunimitouge     10:40 am            1.486 m
Top       祖母山 Sobosan              11:20 am            1.756 m
Top       天狗ノ分かれ Tengunowakare  12:30 pm              1.530 m
Trail down          川上渓谷 Kawakamikeikoku       2:10 pm              700 m
Finish    尾平登山口 Obiratozanguchi     2:45 pm              590 m

Duration:           5 h 25 min          Distance:            9 km              Height: 730 m

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