Asahidake 朝日山, 1.870 m

1.870 m

19. Oct 2013
Late at night I reached the parking area. It was autumn and the nights already cold. Having spaghetti for dinner, which always is a good preparation for hiking.

The next morning was clear and fresh are welcomed me. The trail lead up following a smooth ridge and offed a good view to Gas-san in the north. The best part started after reaching the top of the ridge – autumn turned all trees into colorful spots, while the mountain partly covered with green bamboo and partly already was covered with snow. A breathtaking moment and I took my time on the way up to the peak, within this stunning nature.

Yes, it was cold that day, and from the peak the view was great – even with clouds above. I enjoyed gratefully my lunchbox and then went back the same way which I came.

Amazing autumn colors, trees, berries, mountains… Wow…

And hot onsen to warm up and refresh.

And only two more mountains to go….

Start: 古寺温駐車場 Furuderaonzenchuushajou, Parking area below Furuderaonzen, 6:30 am, 660m
Trail: 古寺温泉Furuderaonzen, 6:40 am, 670m
Trail: 古寺山 Furuderayama, 8:20 am, 1.510m
Trail: Koasahidake, 9:00 am, 1.647m
Top: 朝日山 Oasahidake, 10:20 am 1.870m
Finish: 古寺温駐車場 Furuderaonzenchuushajou, Parking area below Furuderaonzen, 2:30 pm 660m

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