Zaosan 蔵王山, 1.825 m

1.825 m

15. Aug 2009

The first Obon-week in Japan we spend in Iwate-ken and Yamagate-ken. During this time a typhoon hit Japan, mainly in the area south of Tokyo, but somehow it was raining all over Japan. Anyway, we spent some relaxing days with lots of delicious seafood in Iwate-ken and then went to Yamagate-ken.

Our campsite was close to Gas-san, but I did not think about hiking this mountain this time. We drove to Zaosan and were lucky to find a parking lot at the top around lunch time. The crater is easy to walk and the view on the green Crater Lake is really beautiful.  Alexandra, Marie and Andre staid near the crater while I walked up to 熊野岳 Kumanodake (1.841 m). Close to the top another hiker asked me if I have seen some kind of flower. I told him that I have seen lots of flowers, but I cannot say if I have seen this one because I do not know it. He walked with me around the top searching for the flower. Finally we found some – tiny, bright pink and white blossom. I was very thankful that he has shared this experience with me.

After taking some pictures of the top I returned to the family, we took some pictures of the crater and drive back to the campsite to have barbeque. It was the last day of our Obon-holiday, next morning we left back home.

蔵王山Zaosan  15. Aug 2009

Start      刈田岳 parking area       11:45 am               1.720 m
Top        熊野岳 Kumanodake      1:00 pm               1.841 m
Finish    刈田岳 parking area       2:30 pm               1.720 m

Duration:             2h 45min             Distance:             5 km          Height: 121 m

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