Yatsugatake 八ケ岳, 2.899m

Yatsugatake (Akadake)
2.899 m

13. Sep 2009

I wanted to hike this mountain in June but the weather was bad. In September it seemed to be a good opportunity to try it again. Our intern joined the tour and we left Takasaki about 6:00 am. We stopped to buy some breakfast and reached the starting point at 8:15 am.

The trail was easy to find and the first hour we hiked fast. After climbing for about one hour suddenly a strange animal passed our way– it was not possible to identify it for us. We thought it was a wild pig but it seemed to tall. I have never seen something before.

After we have climbed about 500 meters we had a beautiful view on Fuji-san. The peak of Yatsugatake seemed to be easy to climb but it was still a bit to go. Then the real climbing started. We had to climb some steep rock with chain, several chains followed, then about 20 meter on a steel ladder. It was exciting and I enjoyed the climb because many different challenges had to be mastered.

We reached the top of 赤岳 Akadake (2.899 m) at 1:30 pm. Time for lunch break: dried fish, dried meat and some bread. There was no time for long rest. Way down we decided for the south route to the starting point – same way back is boring – but we had little trouble to find the way down. It started very steep, a sign told us to use hand and feet. And you really must use! On our way down we had climb 6-10 meters steep rocks only by hanging in the chain and press our feet to the wall. One hour later the way became easier – and there it was again – this strange animal. Standing on the steep mountain slope in the grass and watching at us. I took a picture, there was not so much light left.  Next day we checked the internet and found that the animal was a Japanese mountain antelope called “Kamoshika”.

We continued our hike; it was easy to go, but very long. We hiked down, it became little dark but we could still find the way. When we reached the skiing area there was a big surprise – even if nobody is skiing in summer and the ropeways are closed the wending machines are still operating and offer cold or hot drink. I wonder if anybody is using them in the 8 months without snow. We reached the car, our feet were tired but we had a beautiful hike and a great day.

八ケ岳 Yatsugatake (Akadake)   13. Sep 2009

Start      サンメドウススキー Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort;  8240-1 Nishiide, Ooizumi-Machi, Hokuto-Shi, Yamanashi-Ken 407-0311      8:30 am         1.680 m
Trail       小天拘、大天拘                            
Top        赤岳 Akadake    1:30 pm               2.899 m
Trail       扇山、牛首山                 
Finish    サンメドウススキー Sun Meadows Ski Resort   6:30 pm               1.680 m

Duration:             10h        Distance:             14 km               Height: 1.219 m

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