Akagisan 赤城山, 1.828 m

Akagisan (Kurobisan)
1.828 m

17. Jan 2010

From Takasaki Akagisan is the nearest 100 meisan mountain and can be reached in about one hour. In the middle of the mountain range there is a big lake at 1.300 m which was frozen that day. Below the mountain the weather was fine but the top was covered by dark clouds. The roads around the lake were covered by snow. I was surprised how many other hikers climed Akagisan this day. In total I meet about 30 person during the hike. This mountain can be hiked with snowshoes but some areas are steep can “eisen” are recommended. On the top it was cold, snowing and windy, but this could not stop Japanese hikers from having a “picknick” with warm soup, noodles, lunchboxes and other delicious thinks. For me it was too cold to spend a long time on the top and so I continued the hike. It was an interesting atmosphere – the mountain top covered with clouds but we could see Maebashi and Takasaki where the weather was sunny. And sometimes we could see even Fujisan! If there are no clouds the air is very clear during wintertime. When I returned to the car the weather became much better – there was sun at the lake, and also Akagisan summit was clear now.


Hiking-Keydata: 赤城山Akagisan (Kurobisan)      17. Jan 2010

Start      黒檜山登山口 Kurobisantosanguchi               10:30 am             1.370 m
Top        黒檜山 Kurobisan            12:20 pm               1.828 m
Top        駒ヶ岳 1:40 pm               1.685 m
Trail       駒ヶ岳登山口   2:30 pm               1.355 m
Finish    黒檜山登山口 Kurobisantosanguchi        3:00 pm         1.370 m

Duration:             4 h 30 min           Distance:             4,5 km          Height: 578 m

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