Ryoukamisan 両神山, 1.723 m

1.723 m

10. Jan 2010

I drove a small mountain road from Tomioka into south direction – which was beautiful, but it also took a long time. On the map this road looked straight, but it had thousands of curves…

After arrival I started to hike. The way leaded through a valley, the river partly has been frozen. From the mountain hut the way became steep and several rocks had to be climbed by using rope or chains. I meet some young people having lunch on the way; they did not want to continue because the rocks had to be climbed – covered with some snow and ice.

This mountain is a holy mountain for (wild?) dogs. On the top there is a shrine guarded by dog-statues. After a short rest I continued hiking the peak.

After a cup of hot tea I went back down. It was already late – during sunset – when I meet a Kamoshika in the forest. I reached the car just in time before darkness, then took a bath in Ryoukami-onzen and went back home.


両神山 Ryoukamisan      10. Jan 2010

Start      日向大谷口 Hinataooyaguchi     10:50 am               660 m
Trail       会所 Kaishiyo    11:20 am             755 m
Trail       清滝小屋 Kiyotakigoya  12:15 pm               1.290 m
Trail       両神神社Ryoukamijinja (Ryoukami-Schrein)               1:15 pm               1.630 m
Top        両神山 Ryoukamisan      2:00 pm               1.723 m
Trail       Same way back                
Finish    日向大谷口 Hinataooyaguchi     5:00 pm               660 m

Duration:             6 h 10 min           Distance:             10,2 km          Height: 1.505 m

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