Asosan 阿蘇山, 1.592 m

1.592 m

03. Jun 2010

From Takasaki, located in central Japan, Gunma, it takes an overnight drive to reach Kyushu Island by car. The highway is very convenient to drive and after passing Kyoto area the traffic will be less.

We stayed at Villa Mildo Campsite south of Asosan. When we wanted to visit Asosan the first time, during end of May, the mountain was closed due to high volcanic activity. So we visited Kumamoto and one of the most beautiful castles in Japan first. On June the 3rd 2010, the mountain was open. Many visitors walked around the crater even if wind was strong. Out of the crater came white steam and in the center there was green boiling water. 1960 several visitors were killed by sudden eruption, therefor many bunkers have been build. From the crater I hiked up to Nakadake (1.506 m) and Takadake (1.592 m). The ropeway-station on the other site of the mountain is not operating any more, but its an easy and nice way to walk down on that side of the mountain. Climbing finished at 14:15 on the other side of the mountain.

The area around Mount Aso is extremely beautiful – green smooth hills covered with pink flowers, below in the valley rice fields. The onsen we visited after the hike offered inside and outside bath, with turquoise blue water and view on a small waterfall.

阿蘇山 Asosan  03. Jun 2010

Start      阿蘇山ロープウェイ火口西駅Asosanropeway Weststation       12:00 pm               1.280 m
Top        中岳 Nakadake 12:50 pm             1.506 m
Top        阿蘇山 Asosan  1:10 pm               1.592 m
Finish    阿蘇山東駅Asosan Eaststation仙酔 Sensui                2:15 pm               900 m

Duration:             2 h 15 min           Distance:             6 km          Height: 320 m


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