Kujusan 九重山, 1.791 m

1.791 m

05. Jun 2010

Kujusan – this is the highest mountain on Kyushu. I was looking forward to this hike – not sure which way I should take. Finally I decided to take the route starting from the west site.

It was a beautiful day, sunny but not too hot. First I climbed Ookikahanasan – by accident. I mistook the way… Then continued following the other hikers 😊

After climbing Kujusan I continued via Naka-dake, then down to the parking area. All the ways are easy to find and to walk, it’s a nice hiking area with several small peaks, valleys, flowers and nice views.

Unfortunately my son forgot his Osagisan (rabbit) in the onsen we visited after the tour… Everybody felt really sad for him.   Osagisan accompanied him all his life, from Pfullingen (Germany) until Kujusan in Japan.

The way back to the campsite near Aso-san offered beautiful views during sunset time.

九重山 Kujusan 03. Jun 2010

Start      牧の戸峠 Makinototouge Pass   10:30 am               1.330  m
Top        扇ヶ鼻 Ougi hana            11:50 am               1.698 m
Top        西千里ヶ浜 NIshisenrigahama   12:15 am               1.620 m
Top        久住山 Kujusan 12:50 pm             1.788 m
Top        中岳 Nakadake 1:30 pm               1.791 m
Finish    長者原. 豊後中村. Tschjouzyahara. Bungonakamura               4:00 pm               1.025 m

Duration:             5 h 30 min           Distance:             12 km          Height: 1040 m

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