Ishizuchisan 石鎚山, 1.982 m

1.982 m

17. Jun 2010


If you plan to hike Ishizuchisan, you can use the ropeway to Santchyoujiojiueki, 1.280 m. From there an “easy to walk way” leads up to Ishidsutcijanjiajjoujyushja.

After visiting the shrine, I walked through an old forest. The way leads down for about 100 meters. Then it goes up steep…

The peak can be climbed via two routes from this side – using chain or stairs. The first 30 meters I climbed by using chain – it was smooth climbing. Later it became more difficult to stick to the rocks.

I was hanging in the wall, searching for hold, while suddenly hundreds of mosquitoes started to bite me into the arms, face and ears. I was thinking, they have been waiting all day long at this difficult place for a climber to come by…

The main trail ends at Misan, a shrine on the top of the mountain. Most people stop here and do not continue until Tengudake, the highest point of this mountain ridge. To reach that peak, you will have to cross a tiny rock – better not look down! And please don’t slip!!!

On the top of Tengudake I hold myself to the rock with one hand while I took some pictures with the other. I was wondering if I really like high or not….
Then I returned to Misan-shrine and went back to the ropeway station, this time using the stairs.

It was a great hike. Ishizuchisan offers many different aspects of hiking, lots of chain-climbing, a great view and famous shrines. For me it was one of the best 100 Meisan hikes so far.


石鎚山Ishizuchisan        17. Jun 2010

Start      山頂成就駅 Santchyoujiojiueki               11:10 am             1.280 m
Trail up 石鎚神社成就社 Ishidsutcijanjiajjoujyushja               11:30 am             1.400 m
Trail up 前社森Zenshjagamori   12:30 am               1.300 m
Top        弥山Misan       1:40 pm               1.974 m
Top        天狗岳Tengudake         2:00 pm               1.982 m
Trail down           石鎚神社成就社 Ishidsutcijanjiajjoujyushja             3:30 pm               1.400 m
Finish    山頂成就駅 Santchyoujiojiueki              3:50 pm         1.280 m

Duration:             4 h 40 min           Distance:             9,0 km          Height: 1.80       m

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