Tsurugisan 剣山, 1.955 m

1.955 m

16. Jun 2010

Tsurugisan is one of the faimous mountain on the Shikoku island. Same as Kjushu iland Shikohu can be accesed by bridge. There are two large bridges which connect the Shikoku island with the main Japan-island. The day we crossed over it was raining nonstop.

And it continued raining the whole night. In the morning it finally stopped, the sun came out of the clouds and we had a good view on the surrounding mountains and valleys. We left the camp at noon and drove through steep valleys called Koboke and Oboke gorge. We passed Iya no Kazubashi (hanging bridge) and arrived at Tsurugi-san ropeway station after 3:15 pm.  It took longer as I expected, there was only little time left to have a short walk on the mountain…
We took the ropeway and I quickly went up to the mountain top – which can be reached in about 30 minutes from ropeway station. There were lots of holy places on the way, as rocks, trees and small shrines.   Unfortunately, it was cloudy and no view.

So fast and easy to reach the top… A good place to get a experience of walking in nature for beginners or children – and maybe fun using ropeway 😊.

剣山 Tsurugisan               16. Jun 2010

Start      西島Nishijima  3:45 pm               1.700 m
Top        剣山 Tsurugisan               4:10 pm               1.955 m
Finish    西島Nishijima  4:30 pm               1.700 m

Duration:             0:45 h   Distance:             2,5 km               Height: 255 m


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