Hotakayama 武尊山, 2.158 m

2.158 m

  1. Jul 2010

The trail starts at a small shrine in an old forest, then the path follows a river valley and later turns left. The trail is partly very steep, sometimes you must use a rope or chain to climb the rocks.

From the top the view was great – beautiful green mountains. Green until the top. And lots of dragon fly insects flew in the air.

After short lunch, I continued and hiked Kengumineyama, a steep peak. It was very humid there. From Kengumineyama I hiked back down, again a steep trail with several ropes. Especially on wet wood, roots of big trees, it can be very slippery.  From the west dark clouds rised, a thunderstorm was coming. I speed up to return to the car and reached before it started.

Most hikers in Japan start hiking very early in the morning and return about 2:00 pm, in the early afternoon. The reason is, that esp. in the afternoon during summer season lots of thunderstorms occur. And in the mountain, thunderstorms are very dangerous, though it is better to return early.

武尊山 Hotakayama       18. Jul. 2010

Start      武尊神社 Hotakajinja    9:30 am               1.100 m
Trail up 剣ヶ峰山分岐 Kengumineyamabunki               10:00 am             1.285 m
Trail up 手小沢避難小屋 Tegoyasawahinangoya               10:50 am             1.645 m
Top        武尊山 Hotakayama       12:15 pm                2.158 m
Top        剣ヶ峰山 Kengumineyama      1:15 pm               2.020 m
Trail down           剣ヶ峰山分岐 Kengumineyamabunki    2:50 pm               1.285 m
Finish    武尊神社 Hotakajinja    3:30 pm               1.100 m

Duration:             6 h         Distance:             12,0 km               Height: 1.222 m

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