Daisen 大山, 1.729 m

1.729 m

  1. Aug 2010

During Obon 2010 we stayed at a campsite east of Mt. Daisen, about one hour from Mazue. From the campsite, I drove to Daisenji (大山寺) – when I arrived there at about 9:00 am, I was lucky that there was a parking place for me. Already crowded…  

It was very humid this day. And there was a lot of movement in the air. Big clouds raised, then moved over the mountain and disappeared again. What a dynamic and energy!

On the top, many flowers grow and suddenly the clouds opened. We could see the surrounding area, other small volcanoes and the eastern Japanese Sea.  On the way back down I  took the route to Oogamiyamaginja, an old wooden shrine.  Impressive building at the food of the mountain surrounded by green forest.

大山 Daisen       9. Aug. 2010

Start      大山寺 Daisenji 9:20 am               750 m
Trail up 阿弥陀堂 Amidadou, 夏山登山道 Natsuyamatosando, 常行谷 Tjokoudani     
Top        弥山Misen         11:30 am             1.709 m
Trail down           元谷 Mototani  1:30 pm               1.010 m
Trail down           大神山神社 Oogamiyamajinja   1:50 pm         900 m
Finish    大山寺 Daisenji 2:20 pm               750 m

Duration:             5 h          Distance:             7,7 km               Height: 960 m

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