Daibosatsudake 大菩薩岳, 2.057 m

2.057 m

  1. Jul 2010

Originally I intended to hike northern Minamialps. But after arriving there, I recognized that it is not allowed to enter the mountaion area by car.

You must use bus or taxi and it takes about one hour to the hiking starting point. It was already after 9:00 am when I arrive and the bus just departed. For the next bus, I would have had to wait more than 45 minutes – too late for hiking in this area that day.

I looked up my hiking book for another mountain. Daibosatsudake is not too far away and can be hiked in couple of hours. Considering the time, it was a good alternative.

When I arrived at the parking place, lots of man with big nets walked around. They tried to catch one of the beautiful butterflies. It reminded me of small children and I felt pity with the beautiful butterflies. Hopefully all butterflies escaped 😉

Besides lots of beautiful butterflies this mountain offers nice flowers and “easy to walk” hiking trails. After return to the car, I took a small road back to Takasaki and stopped for a relaxing bath at an onzen.


大菩薩岳 Daibosatsudake           31. Jul. 2010

Start      上日川峠 Kaminitsukawatouge  10:45 am               1.590 m
Trail up 大菩薩峠 Daibosatsutouge          12:00 pm               1.897 m
Trail up 雷岩 Kaminariiwa            12:30 pm               2.040 m
Top        大菩薩岳 Daibosatsudake           12:45 pm               2.057 m
Finish    上日川峠 Kaminitsukawatouge  2:00 pm               1.590 m

Duration:             3 h 15 min           Distance:             7,2 km          Height: 556 m

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