Hiuchiyama 火打山, 2.462 m

2.462 m

  1. Aug 2010

From the highway there is a nice and beautiful small road into the mountains. In lower areas the landscape is smooth, grassland with cows. Even if you do not intend to hike mountains, it is a nice valley worth a visit. 

The hiking path is always easy to find. It leads up the mountain in an old forest. Sometimes big roots of old trees have to be passed and climbed. Then you arrive on a plateau, where a mountain hut is located. The plateau is about 2.100 m above sea level, there are many small ponds and lots of beautiful flowers. Walking on the wooden blankets in beautiful, untouched nature and seeing all the flowers around me, made me very happy.

After passing the ponds, the last meters until the peak have to be hiked; the trail offers a beautiful view on the plateau and the surrounding valleys with rising clouds.

When I reached the top, it was covered with clouds, all the good scenery view I already got on the way. A beautiful hike.


火打山 Hiuchiyama        28. Aug 2010

Start      笹ヶ峰登山口 Sasaguminetosanguchi    9:40 am         1.310 m
Trail up 黒沢出合 Kurosawadeai               10:20 am               1.580 m
Trail up 高谷池ヒュッテ Kouyaikihuette               11:55 am             2.110 m
Trail up 天狗の庭 Tengunoniwa 12:20 pm               2.120 m
Top        火打山 Hiuchiyama        1:15 pm               2.462 m
Trail down           高谷池ヒュッテ Kouyaikihuette               2:30 pm               2.110 m
Finish    笹ヶ峰登山口 Sasaguminetosanguchi    4:20 pm         1.310 m

Duration:             6 h 40 min           Distance:             16,5 km          Height: 1.160 m

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