Ainodake 間ノ岳, 3.189 m

北岳/ 間ノ岳
Kitadake / Ainodake
3.193 m / 3.189 m

  1. – 12. Sep 2010

2nd. day 12. Sep 2010 Ainodake

Next morning we woke up at 4:00 am. After breakfast I started to Ainodake. It was foggy and a strong wind was blowing. There is a storm-wind warning for today (80-120 km/h strong wind is expected). I take only one bottle water with me to hike Ainodake and I left all luggage in the mountain hut.

On the top of Ainodake there was no view. It was cold, windy and wet. I wanted to return, but I took the wrong way.
Everything looks similar in the fog. Several times I missed and lost the way, I search for it in the fields of rocks. Found it, lost it again, moving back and forward.

Until I reach Sanpoudake I did not recognize that I was moving in the wrong direction, but when I saw the mountains name-plate with the Kanjis, I recognize something must be wrong.

I went back to the direction I came from – still it was difficult to find the way. But it was not only me who had that kind of problem. I meet a group of hikers hanging in the rocks and searching for the way, too. Because I already passed this place in the morning I knew the route back – at least this time.

More than one hour later as expected, I returned to the mountain hut – thirsty. After a rested for a short while, I prepared for the way back down. The weather became better and I decided not to return the same way as I climbed up yesterday.

I climbed Kidadake again – this time there was no view from the top – and climbed down the other side. Once again the way back seemed much longer to me and my legs became tired.

Around 03:00 pm the hike was finished. I took the bus back to the parking place and returned to Takasaki after 3 ½ hours (155 km) drive at 8:00 pm.

北岳Kitadake /  間ノ岳 Ainodake            11.-12. Sep 2010

Start (11. Sep)    広河原 (Kougahara),  アルペンプラザ (Alpenplaza) 8:30 am               1.520 m
Trail up 大樺沢 (Ookabasawa)                  
Top        北岳(Kitadake)  1:15 pm               3.193 m
Finish (11. Sep)  北岳山荘 (Kitadakesansou)         3:00 pm         2.880 m

Duration:             6 h 30 min           Distance:             8 km          Height: 1.673 m

Start (12. Sep)    北岳山荘 (Kitadakesansou)         5:20 am               2.880 m
Trail up 中白根山 (Nakashiranesan)                       
Top        間ノ岳 (Ainodake)          6:45 am               3.189 m
Top        三峰岳 (Sanpoudake)     7:20 am               2.999 m
Top        間ノ岳 (Ainodake)          8:10 am               3.189 m
Trail       北岳山荘 (Kitadakesansou)         9:30 am               2.880 m
Top        北岳(Kitadake)  11:00 am             3.193 m
Trail down           北岳肩ノ小屋 (Kitadakekatanogoya)    白根御池小屋 (Shiranemiikekoya)
Finish (12. Sep)  Final hiking destination  3:30 pm               1.520 m

Duration:             10 h 15 min        Distance:             14 km          Height: 812 m

Duration:             16 h 45 min        Distance:             22 km          Height: 2.485 m

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