Kitadake 北岳, 3.193 m

北岳 / 間ノ岳
Kitadake / Ainodake
3.193 m / 3.189 m

  1. – 12. Sep 2010

1st. day, 11. Sep. 2010 Kitadake

Departured in Takasaki at 4:30 am, I took the highway. I arrived at Ashiyasu-Onsen at 6:30. It is not allowed to enter the Minami-alps by own car.

After parking the car at Ashiyasu-Onsen I took the bus to enter Minamialps. Now I understood why it is forbidden to enter the mountains with the own car. The road is very small, when I looked about of the window I looked down for a hundred meter or more. It seems that the road was attached to a vertical rock. The bus ends at a mountain station near a river. For the first hour the hiking trail follows a valley with flowers. Some snow rest is still there. 
The hiking trail is easy to find and to hike; from 2500 meter there are several wooden ladders, some rock-fields have to be climbed and sometimes chains are set to secure the hike.

Weather condition is perfect; 24 degrees during the hike; on the top of the mountains around 18 degrees. Blue sky, sunny and the view to Fujisan was very beautiful.

After climbing Kita-dake I hike to 北岳山荘 (Kitadakesansou), a mountain-hut which offers room for approx. 80 people. After checking in I enjoy the view with a cold draft beer. Water is rare; the next spring is 300 Meters below. It takes about 30 minutes down to get water and one hour back up.

After dinner all hikers went to sleep at 8:00 pm, about 40 people slept in one room.

北岳 Kitadake /  間ノ岳 Ainodake            11.-12. Sep 2010

Start (11. Sep)    広河原 (Kougahara),  アルペンプラザ (Alpenplaza) 8:30 am               1.520 m
Trail up 大樺沢 (Ookabasawa)                  
Top        北岳(Kitadake)  1:15 pm               3.193 m
Finish (11. Sep)  北岳山荘 (Kitadakesansou)         3:00 pm         2.880 m

Duration:             6 h 30 min           Distance:             8 km          Height: 1.673 m

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