Houousan 鳳凰山, 2.840 m

2.840 m

  1. Nov 2010

Departure in Takasaki: 4:40 am; use highway till Asama-san, then R141 south. Reach Aoki Spa after 146 km at 6:50 am. Start hiking at 7:00 am; temperature is below 0 degree. The hiking started in a beautiful autumn forest; the trail followed a small river-valley.  The air is clear and the weather sunny, so far no wind. On the way up I meet 2 monkey families (about 15 monkeys) and one Kamoshika. The way passes several waterfalls in beautiful scenery. Partly the water is already frozen because the temperature is about -5 degree; the rocks are very slippery.

Near the ”鳳凰小屋 (Houougoya)”-lodge there is a spring. I enjoyed the fresh, cold spring water and continue my way up. From the top-mountain ridge there was a great view to Kita-date, Fujisan and other mountains. The鳳凰山-mountain is Granit and shows up in plenty of interesting forms like Obelisks and other rounded rocks.

The way up was easy to find. Climbing Houousan is not difficult but it takes very long. From the top of Yakushidake the way back was difficult to find for me. I have lost at least 30 minutes taking wrong way and searching for the correct way-down.  I was really happy after I found it and walked through a beautiful Douglas-tree forest (such a good smell).

It became dark and I had to turn on the flashlight. In the darkness the eyes of two deer shined like yellow needle-stiches through the night. There was lots of sound and movement in the forest – again two eyes looking at me and with a black shape behind – certainly I was afraid to meet a bear… But it was only a raccoon. At 6:00 pm I reached the car and at 9:00 pm I arrived at home (146 km, same way back).

鳳凰山 Houousan            6. Nov 2010

Start      Aoki Spa 青木鉱泉(現地), 山梨県韮崎市清哲町青木3350,   7:00 am               1.040 m
Trail up 鳳凰の滝 (Houounotaki)              9:30 am               1.177 m
白糸滝 (Shiraitotaki)      10:20 am             1.411 m
五色滝 (Goshokutaki-five colors)          10:50 am               2.190 m
鳳凰小屋 (Houougoya)  11:30 am             2.380 m
Top        観音岳 (Kannondake)     1:15 pm               2.840 m
薬師岳 (Yakushidake)    2:15 pm               2.780 m
Trail down           Direct way from Yakushidake to Aoki Spa                            
Finish    Aoki Spa 青木鉱泉(現地)             6:00 pm               1.040 m

Duration:             11 h       Distance:                            Height: 1.800 m

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