Amakazarisan 雨飾山, 1.963 m

1.963 m

  1. Nov 2010

Departure in Takasaki: 5:50 am, took the highway, arrived at Amakazari-Onsen (雨飾温泉, 〒949-0544 新潟県糸魚川市大字梶山1870, 025-552-1657) at 8:50 am. Distance: 248 km.

The roads to the Onsen and the hotel already have been closed but it was possible to access the parking place. Several other cars are parked there but I am the only person which wants to hike that mountain this day. The temperature was about 10 degrees at starting point, during the hike it became about 0 degrees. The mountain top was covered with snow. No wind.

The hiking path leads directly up to the mountain. It is quite often steep and rocky. Sometimes there was a ladder or rope for smooth climbing available. Due to leaves and wet roots the path was slippery. Especially on the way down it is important to take care. From 1.400 meters, there was snow. Partly 0,5 meters. Sometimes it was difficult to find the way within the snow. On the top I meet 7 other hikers; they climbed from the south side with only little snow. Have half an hour lunch break at the top. The sky is covered with thin clouds, somehow dusty, sometimes the sun breaks through.

This day I was the only climber on the north side of this mountain. At Amakazari-Onsen about 10 other hikers stayed overnight with the intention to climb the mountain on the next day. They went mushroom hunting and I was invited for Mizu-soup with fresh mushrooms. I have had a pleasant time and we have exchanged email address. We talked a lot about mountain hiking and the 100 Meisan Japan. A strong spirit was with us and during the way back home I started to think seriously if it would be possible to challange the 100 Meisan during my time in Japan.

I hope to meet them again someday and maybe we will climb a mountain together. 

That day I had to leave around 4:00 pm and arrived at Takasaki at 7:30 pm (248 km).

雨飾山  Amakazarisan   13. Nov 2010

Start      雨飾温泉, 〒949-0544  新潟県糸魚川市大字梶山1870, 025-552-1657       9:10 am               900 m
Trail up climb Amakazarisan from north-west side                               
Top        Amakazarisan雨飾山    12:30 pm               1.963 m
Trail down           Same way down                              
Finish    雨飾温泉            3:00 pm               900 m

Duration:             5 h 50 min           Distance:             7 km          Height: 1.065 m

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