Tanzawasan 丹沢山, 1.673 m

1.673 m

20. Nov 2010

Xuan-Ving Du, currently intern from Germany, joined this hiking activity. We left Takasaki at 5:00 am and reached Aone-Forest parking place( 青根) after 135 km at about 7:00 am. The hike started 10 min. later, in the beginning we walked through a beautiful autumn forest. The weather was clear in the morning with temperature between 0 and 5 degree and a good view.

For the first half an hour we hiked to fast. So we reduced speed and reached the first viewpoint after 2 hours hike (including short break for breakfast). We enjoyed the beautiful view on Fujisan! From this point the track lead down and then up again to Hirutake. After 10:00 am it became cloudy. And a cold breeze blew on the top of the mountains.

We had a short rest and eat some Onegiri. Next 3.3 km, first down, than up again, down and up again. Until here it was easy to hike, between Hirutake and Tanzawasan only once some rocks have to be climbed, which is easy going. On Tanzawasan the weather was fine; we have our lunch break at a warm, sunny place. Our estimation for the way back was about 4 hours and we keep our commitment to reach the car before 5:00 p.m.

丹沢山 Tanzawasan          20. Nov 2010

Start       青根 (Aone) Forest Parking place  7:10 am 640 m
Trail up  姫次 (viewpoint) 9:10 am 1.440 m
               蛭ヶ岳 (Hirugatake)         10:45 am               1.673 m
Top         丹沢山 (Tanzawasan)       12:15 pm               1.567 m
Trail down            Same way back                 
Finish     青根 (Aone) Forest Parking place  4:45 pm 640 m

Duration:             9 h 35 min            Distance:              18 km          Height:  1.540 m

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