Enasan 恵那山, 2.190 m

2.190 m

  1. Feb 2011

Together with my Japanese teacher we called several people at town hall and tourist information center to understand the local hiking condition. Finally we talked with a person who described the situation exactly. Means – how to hike and from where to hike Enasan during winter season.

If you want to climb Enasan in winter, it will not be possible to drive until the regular parking place. You must stop the car before in a village, where there is no official parking available, and then walk. Please ask local people for permission and their kind understanding of the situation before you put your car.


I started in the evening and slept at a parking area on the highway. The night in the car was cold, -4 degree. In the morning I continued until the mountain and stopped the car near the village. I started hiking – then suddenly a car overtook me and drove on the frozen road up to the mountain. About 15 min. later I meet the car again – which went off the road and stuck to a rock. Nobody was injured, the driver already called for help to bring the car back on the road. And he cancelled the hiking tour –at least for this day.

Hiking was easy. In the beginning I used crampon, later snow-shoes. Crampons are better in steep area, snow shoe are helpful in soft, deep snow. The trail leads mainly through forest, skis are not recommended.

From the top you have no view – to many trees – and the shrine was completely covered by snow. Anyway – a nice hike, not difficult, and you can enjoy some nice view spots on the way up the top.


恵那山Enasan  26. Feb 2011

Start      戸沢 Toyawa(R477)             8:10 am               980 m
Trail       神坂峠手前ゲート Misakatougetemae (parking)              8:35 am               1.115 m
Trail       広河原コーズ Hirogawaracorse           9:45 am         1.520 m
Top        恵那山 Enasan  12:10 am             2.191 m
Finish    戸沢 Toyawa(R477)             3:00 pm               980 m

Duration:             6 h 50 min           Distance:             12 km          Height: 1.215     m

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