Yoteisan 後方羊蹄山, 1.898 m

Yoteisan, Shiribeshiyama – HOKKAIDO
1.898 m 

  1. Jun 2011

I returned from Australia to Takasaki at noon, June 21st.

The car was already packed, I washed my clothes and did the final preparation. I started in Takasaki on 22th 6:00 am and arrived smoothly in Niigata, the ferry to Hokkaido departed at 10:30. Weather was ok, but became more and more cloudy during the trip. When we arrived at 4:30 in Otaru it was completely cloudy. I had some interesting talks on the ship and got about 4 hours sleep.

From Otaru I drove to Yotei-zan, Shiribeshiyama. Even I started early in the morning, several other hikers already have been on the track. There was no view due to the clouds but a lot of beautiful flowers. On the top there was still snow left in the crater. I walked around it (completely). Sometimes some rocks have to be climbed but in general from technical point this is an easy track but takes time.

After return I started to drive to central Hokkaido. It was completely cloudy, so no view on the volcanoes or anything else. Then it started raining. Heavy rain. Forecast for tomorrow was even worse. I went to Makkari Village Onzen and reviewed my planned hiking course. Due to weather, I decided to change the mountain hiking order and better go to Rishiri island next. This would allow me more time at the end of this journey in central Hokkaido, where most of the mountains are located. I would have more flexibility to choose best tour. It was heavily raining on the highway. I stayed overnight somewhere on the highway (Service area) and continued the drive next morning (6:00)

後方羊蹄山 Yoteisan, Shiribeshiyama  23. Jun 2011

Start      登産口Tosanguchi (northwest side)        6:40 am         350 m
Top        北山 Kitayama  10:45 am             1.843 m
Top        後方羊蹄山 Shiribeshiyama        11:15 am               1.898 m
Finish    登産口Tosanguchi (northwest side)        2:30 pm         350 m

Duration:             7 h 50 min           Distance:             12,8 km          Height: 1.715 m

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