Tsukuba-san 筑波山, 877 m

877 m

28. May 2011

We meet at Tsukubajinja around 9:45. A Taifun hit Japan from south-west, it was cloudy and lots of rain was expected. Anyway, we decided to hike Tsukuba-san – supposed to become rainy spring hike.

From the starting point we took the Shirakumobashi-couse. There are big trees near the way, sometimes we have to climb some rocks (easy) or walk pass below them. A special place is Benkeinanamodori. It is said, that about 100 years ago a brave Samurai hesitated a long time to pass below this big rock hanging between two others.

Close to the top we passed lots of Azalea-flowers. It was a beautiful, rainy spring forest. But now view from the top (as expected). We continued our walk from Mt. Nyotai to Mt. Nantai, walked around Nantai-san on the natural research walk and then descend on the west south west ridge of t Nantaisan. It was a small, funny trail with rocks, slippery ground, whet trees and bushes. We had to take care that we do not slip and fall, so it was a interesting walk back to the parking place.

I hope we will have the opportunity to hike to together again someday.

筑波山 Tsukuba-san       28. May 2011

Start      筑波山神社入口 Tsukasan-jinja entrance               9:30 am               240 m
Trail up 白雲橋コース Shirakumobashi-couse                   
Top        女体山 Nyotaisan            11:15 am             877 m
Top        男体山 Nantaisan            11:45 am             871 m
Trail down           Wsw-side of mountain                  
Finish    筑波山神社入口 Tsukasan-jinja entrance               2.00 pm               240 m

Duration:             4 h 30 min           Distance:             km               Height: 700 m

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