Asahi-dake 旭岳, 2.290 m

旭岳, 大雪山
Asahi-dake, Daisetsu – HOKKAIDO
2.290 m

  1. Jun 2011

I woke up at 4:30 and took the first ropeway at 6:00 to Sugamieki. Besides me, some other hikers and lots of photographers with heavy equipment (super zoom-lenses) entered the area below Asaki-dake.

I wondered, if they aim to take pictures of bear, but they came to look for some small, special birds. Asahidake can be climbed easily – the path leads up a ridge through a rock field. It offers a nice view on the sulfur smokers and surrounding mountains. On the other side of this mountain, there are many craters, which are all part of the Daisetsu National Park. On the way down I had to pass a steep snowfield – for my feeling quite difficult without cramps because the snow already melted and became slippery.

A bit further below, – in a rocky valley – there was a sulfur hot spring. I immediately jumped into it and enjoyed! What a feeling. Japan hiking at its best!

 The way back to姿見駅 Sugamieki was quite long but I had a nice talk with another hiker I meet on the way. After the hike we went to Onsen and had lunch together. Then we went our ways – back home / to the next mountain.

Weather forecast told there will be rain for the next day. After thinking for a while about the next hiking destination, I finally I decided for Poroshiridake, because it takes two days to hike this mountain. I hoped after rain there will be sun coming, hopefully quickly. For this night I stayed at a campsite near Lake Kanayama.


旭岳, 大雪山 Asahi-dake, Daisetsu           27. Jun 2011

Start      姿見駅 Sugamieki (Ropeway)     6:20 am               1.600 m
Trail up 姿見ノ池避難小屋 Sugaminoikehinangoya               6:50 am               1.670 m
Top        旭岳Asahi-dake               8:25 am               2.290 m
Top        間宮岳 Mamiyadake      9:10 am               2.185 m
Trail       中岳分岐 Nakadakebunki            9:30 am               2.050 m
Trail down           中岳温泉 Nakadakeonsen               10:30 am             1.815 m
Finish    姿見駅 Sugamieki (Ropeway)     12:45 pm               1.600 m

Duration:             6 h 25 min           Distance:             12 km          Height: 800 m

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