Poroshiridake 幌尻岳, 2.052 m

Poroshiridake – HOKKAIDO
2.052 m

04./05. Jul 2011

After the boat-tour I drove from Utoro, Shiretoko, to the south entrance of Poroshiridake mountain area.

The last 36 km the road was very small and rocky. It belongs an electrical company, that runs several power stations and water-reservoirs. Until the second gate the road was opened for public, but it’s a rocky road and takes a long time to drive up.

I arrived at the hiking starting point in the morning of Jul. 4th and started the hike at 9:40. It was already raining but during the day it became heavy rain with wind.

I was really happy when I arrived at the mountain hut and could make a warming fire. The day I spend with drying clothes and shoes, eating and relaxing in the hut. There is not so much to do on a rainy day in a mountain hut. I went to sleep early but I could not find a good sleep in that night.

At 4:00 am I got up and prepared for hiking. I took only what I needed with me and left other stuff (sleeping bag, cooking equipment, … ) in the mountain hut. It stopped raining, I was happy about this. The trail followed a river, sometimes trees or rocks hade to be climbed. Due to landslides and fallen trees it was difficult in several parts to find the way or a way to walk. My map showed a bridge to cross the river – but there was no bridge at the intersection where it was supposed to be. Most likely the snow or melting water already took it away. There was a wooden plank which I used to for a part crossing the river, also I tried to jump from stone to stone like a frog… You can also cross the river on a fallen tree, which turned out to be a bit easier – I did this on the way back.

It became cloudy and foggy – after a steep hike up I reached snow field area. There it was difficult to find the right way and I just kept direction and continued upwards.

Finally, I arrived at the top – terrible weather up there. Strong wind, rain, fog and cold. I could not stand on the top, only crawl. I took some more or less chaotic pictures – everything became wet and chilly immediately, and then returned back down as fast as possible.

Back in the mountain hut I packed my stuff and walked back the 19 km to the car. Weather became better, no rain any more. After arrival at the car I drove to Hidaka (日高), relaxed in the onsen and stayed at the campsite over the night. Uahhh the hot water in the onsen felt so good!!!

幌尻岳 Poroshiridake     04.-05. Jul 2011

Start (04. Jul)     北電ゲート Hokurjogeto (south, 2nd gate)             9:40 am               530 m
Finish (04. Jul)    ポロシリ山荘 Poroshirisansou (Huette)               2:00 pm               780 m
Duration:             4 h 20 min           Distance:             19 km          Height: 250 m

Start (05. Jul)     ポロシリ山荘 Poroshirisansou (Huette)               4:30 am               780 m
Trail up 新冠コース                      
Top        幌尻岳 Poroshiridake     8:00 am               2.052 m
Trail       ポロシリ山荘 Poroshirisansou (Huette)               10:40 am             780 m
Finish (05. Jul)    北電ゲート Hokurjogeto (south route)    2:45 pm              
Duration:             10 h 15 min        Distance:               8+19 km              Height: 1.300 m

Duration:             14 h 35 min        Distance:             46 km          Height: 1.550 m

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