Takazumayama 高妻山, 2.353 m

2.353 m

  1. Aug 2011

Starting point for this hike is a parking place close to a campsite and farm, directly below the mountain-range.

It was the first day in Obon – the campsite was crowded and several other hikers prepared for climbing the mountain.

A person was located at the entrance and asked all hikers to provide their key data.

The way lead up through a small rivers valley. Several times it crossed the river, which was easy to do, because it was just a very small river and ropes or chain have been there for support. The spring of the river was located several hundred meters below the mountain ridge. The water was refreshing and delicious.

Then the trail followed the mountain-ridge – lots of flowers can be watched up here.

Before reaching the top, several rocks had to be climbed – not to complicated but be careful not to slip.

On the way back, I stopped at the spring to fill up my water tank. I did not need it for the hiking tour but I took it back home – because it was delicious mountain spring water!


高妻山 Takazumayama 12. Aug 2011

Start      戸隠牧場 Togakushibokusyou    7:00 am              1.193 m
Trail up 一不動避難小屋 Itchihudouhinangoya     8:20 am        1.742 m
Top       高妻山 Takazumayama 10:20 am              2.353 m
Finish   戸隠牧場 Togakushibokusyou    1:20 pm              1.193 m

Duration:            6 h 20 min         Distance:           11.5 km         Height:  1.160 m

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