Shiroumadake 白馬岳, 2.932 m

2.932 m

  1. Oct. 2011

Late at night I arrived at the parking place after a long drive through the North Alps of Japan. The roads there are small and winding, it takes time to pass.

The night was cold, about 5 degrees. I felt even colder during the night.

 At 4:30 am, several other hikers started from the parking area and I decided, that it would be better to get up and follow – could not get warm and sleep well. When I started hiking at 5:15 am, it was still dark, I used headlight.

The night was clear – with a dark blue sky and a bright star above the mountain. It was the only star, little lonesome up there.

During the morning it was still cold, the rising sun was welcomed and started to warm up the world. After hiking through autumn-leaf-forest I crossed a valley on an ice field. It was very slippery and it was good to use heavy hiking boots and crampons (“Eisen”). Will make the crossing easier and safe.

After going up the frozen snow field, the way continued always straight up to the mountain. Please be careful when crossing wooden blankets. I slipped on them, they have been covered with thin ice but look just as they are wet.

Located below the top of the mountain, there is a huge mountain hotel – the biggest I have seen seen so far on a mountain. But it was already closed, the main hiking season was already over.

The last meters until the top I walked through a cover of thin snow.

The view was great; I could see a lot of mountains I already hiked. I became very sentimental and grateful seeing this scenery. On a mountain top many feelings can tough our heart which up there feels open and wide as the view.

After spending some quite moments on the top of 白馬岳, enjoying the view with my full heart, and my  mind thinking about “this” and “that”, I walked the same way back down.

It was a beautiful hike on a cold, clear day between autumn and winter. Marking the change of seasons. Saying good bye to the colorful leaves and welcoming the peaceful quietness of the snowy winter.


白馬岳 Shiroumadake    9. Oct. 2011

Start      猿倉 Sarukura Parkingplace    5:15 am              1.230 m
Trail up 白馬尻 Shiroumaziri      6:10 am              1.550 m
Trail up 白馬山荘 Shiroumasansou        9:20 am              2.835 m
Top       白馬岳 Shiroumadake    9:40 am              2.932 m
Finish   猿倉 Sarukura Parkingplace    1:15 pm              1.230 m

Duration:            8 h        Distance:           12,6 km              Height:  1.710 m

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