Jounendake 常念岳, 2.857 m

2.857 m

  1. Oct. 2011

When I woke up at 4:15 am, the temperature in the car was 7 degrees. Once again, I slept in the car. The night was clear, I could see many stars shining through the night.

After preparation, I started hiking around 5:30 am. In front of the hiking-path-entrance, I meet Suji-san, he came from Tokyo this morning. We walked together the whole day and had a pleasant talk on the way.

After sunrise it became warmer. The way lead through a river-valley – most of the trees already lost their leaves.

After reaching the mountain hut, we had a great view on the other side of the mountain. The last hour until the top we hiked through rock-fields. During hiking in such kind of loose rocks, you must watch your step carefully. Don’t slip on the rocks, it can break a leg easily.

I was happy to hike this mountain on such a beautiful day!

And I recognized, that it is important to search for the happiness of the heart each and every day. And, if we find it, to keep it. It will give us light in dark moments of our life.

The view from the top was absolutely great!

Yatsugatake, Asamayama, Azumayasan, Myokosan, Hiuchiyama, Amekazarisan, Kitaalps, Kamikotshi-valley, Hotakadake, Norikuradake, Fuji-san, and many others.

After lunch break we walked back down. In the lower area the trees had beautiful autumn colors – I could not see it during this morning because it was still to dark when we passed here.

My legs became very tired this day, the Sunday before I joined 10 km run at Teradomari and still suffered a bit from muscle-ache.

Besides this mountain hike would like to mention – if you ever have the possibility to join Teradomari marathon, I highly recommend to do so. Running near the shore with a beautiful view – and afterwards you receive a delicious crab-fish soup.


常念岳 Jounendake        19. Oct. 2011

Start      登山者用駐車場Tosanshajojushashou (parking place)  5:20 am               1.200 m
Trail       一ノ沢登山口 Ichinosakitosanguchi        5:40 am         1.260 m
Trail       常念小屋 Jounengoya    8:30 am               2.450 m
Top        常念岳 Jounendake        9:45 am               2.857 m
Finish    登山者用駐車場Tosanshajojushashou (parking place)  1:20 pm               1.200 m

Duration:             8 h         Distance:             16,3 km               Height: 1.790     m

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