Ominesan 大峰山, 1.915m

大峰山, 八経ヶ岳
Ominesan, Hazukyougadake
1.915 m

  1. May 2012

It was the last hiking tour during golden week holiday 2012. After leaving Yakushima, no luck with the weather – it remained stormy.

When I arrived at the parking area for Ominesan-hikeing, I was surprised about how many cars and buses have been parked on the road. Considering the bad weather condition, I thought, I would have been hiking alone. But instead more than about 150 hikers went to this mountain that day.

The way was easy to walk, just a little bit muddy that day. Above 1.700 m there was a little bit snow left, the temperature was still quite cold here, feeling even colder with all the rain and strong wind. From the top, there was no view and so I returned quickly after a short pray for thank you for all and best wishes to everybody.

The next day I drove back to Takasaki. Hopefully the weather will be better on the next mountain.

Hiking-Keydata: 大峰山, 八経ヶ岳

Ominesan, Hazukyougadake       4. May 2012

Start:    行者帰トンネル西口 Gyouzyagaeri tunnel west entrance             8:30 am              1.130 m
Top:      大峰山Ominesan           10:35 am            1.895 m
Top:      八経ヶ岳Hazukyougadake         11:00 am              1.915 m
Finish:   行者帰トンネル西口 Gyouzyagaeri tunnel west entrance             1:00 pm              1.130 m

Duration:           4 h 30 min          Distance:            9,3 km              Height: 790 M


The area Ominesan, Hazukyougadake is famous for religious hiking in Buddhism. That’s why so many people go there, even if weather is really bad (pictures taken from signboard on the top of Minesan):

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