Echigo-Komagatake 越後駒ヶ岳, 2.003 m

魚沼駒ヶ岳/ 越後駒ヶ岳
Uonumakomagatake / Echigo-Komagatake
2.003 m

  1. May 2012

This hike was not planned and not well prepared. I just returned from a business trip to Germany.

And I felt that I really need to hike, because during the last 2 weeks I ate lots of meet and other heavy food during my stay in Germany and Czech Republic.

I decided to hike Uonumakomagatake. Last winter I went there one, but that time I did not hike – it was too much snow.

On May 27th I started in Takasaki early in the morning – before jet lack time started to bother me – and reached the hiking starting point around 7:00 am.

Soon after starting hiking I reached a bridge – big fun to cross it, because it was really swinging and I had to trust the thin wooden blankets. Nice experience, I want more of that!

The trail went up straight to the mountain. Beautiful flowers welcomed the spring. In the trees and on the ground – and the sunlight shined through them. Superbeautiful! And the smell made me feel drunk of spring.

Later the snow fields started. In the valley besides me an avalanche went down – with rocks and snow blocks, some in a passenger car size. That time no risk for the hikers, the trail follows the ridge, not the valley. Later during the hike I saw three other big avalanches. Its spring and snow is melting….

From about 1.400 meter I used crampons (eisen). Some other people hiked without crampons, I think we should bring such equipment as long as there is snow on the mountain, for our own safety- and the safety of others including people who possibly might go for us in case of accident.

Then the trail became steeper, some parts about 45%. If anybody slipped here, nothing can hold back from sliding down… Please use the Eisen!

The snow still covered most of the mountain, yet in some snow fields there already appeared small islands of green. Here lots of flowers bloomed – some of them I have never seen before.

Located a bit below the top, there is a mountain hut with a natural spring. The water was refreshing and delicious. That’s really worth the way – I think, only hikers understand that kind of feeling!!!

I met one hiker on the top, four others on the way up, maybe 7-10 on their way down.  It was Sunday, – rush hour.

You can find a bell on the top of the mountain. In Japan we ring the bell, clap our hands 2 times, then say our name, birthday and address and then say and pray what we would like to.

Grateful and happy I returned to the car. A beautiful day, experience and pleasant hike!

魚沼駒ヶ岳/ 越後駒ヶ岳Uonumakomagatake / Echigo-Komagatake       27. May 2012

Start:    駒ノ湯山荘 Komanoyusansou   7:30 am              380 m
Top:      小倉山 Ogurayama        9:40 am              1.378 m
Trail:     駒ノ小屋 Komanogoya (hut)      11:10 am              1.890 m
Top:      魚沼駒ヶ岳Uonumakomagatake            11:30 am              2.003 m
Finish:   駒ノ湯山荘 Komanoyusansou   2:15 pm              380 m

Duration:           6 h 45 min          Distance:            12,1 km              Height: 1.630 m

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