Hachimantai 八幡平, 1.613 m

1.613 m

15. Jun 2012

Hachimantai is one of the easiest 100 Meisan – a good mountain for hiking beginners and all people who would like to enjoy the fresh air, mountain scenery and flowers without hiking long or steep terrain. It is possible to drive by car up to the mountain and then hike the highest points easily. No special technique or long ascending required.

It was already mid of June, but still there was snow left and this tour provided various but easy walking experience on different terrain: natural trail, wooden banquets, stony path and in some area even on snow.

Spring just has started up there and between the snow fields beautiful mountain flowers grew. The hiking tour finished at 県境登山口 Kenkyoutozanguchi parking-area, from here you can take the bus back. I decided to walk back to the car using the road, which is gently going down, and I took up speed easily and jogged back.

On Hachimantai, there is Toshichi-onsen Saiunso Onsen – a very basic, but definitely one of the best Onsen I have been so far! In several outside pools you can enjoy the hot spring, with a beautiful mountain view. Sitting in blue water on wooden banquets, the hot water pours out of the rocks directly below you and bubbles all around your body. This really tickles and relaxes! 


八幡平 Hachimantai   15. Jun 2012

Start:    茶臼口 Tchjausuguchi (bus stop, small parking)              10:50 am            1.350 m
Top:      茶臼岳 Tchjausudake     11:30 am            1.578 m
Top:      八幡平 Hachimantai   1:25 pm              1.613 m
Trail:     県境登山口 Kenkyoutozanguchi (parking)              2:00 pm              1.533 m
Finish:   茶臼口 Tchjausuguchi (bus stop, small parking)              2:30 pm              1.350 m

Duration:           3 h 40 min          Distance:            11,5 km              Height: 380 m

Toshichi-onsen Saiunso: http://www.toshichi.com/


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