Bandaisan 磐梯山, 1.819 m 

1.819 m 

April 15th, 2012 (unfinished)

It was a beautiful day between winter and spring. In this area there is still a lot of leftover snow, yet the skiing season is already over. Blue sky, no wind and sunshine. After contacting the information center, I tried to hike from the north side – there were no other hikers this day. Only an early butterfly in the snow. How did he come here?

After passing the skiing area and searching for the way in deep snow, I changed the plan. Instead of heading to the peak I followed another trail which lead through the mountain caldera. From several spots hot steam came out of the ground – but the most impressive was the sound of falling rocks.

 The caldera was like a half-circle-theatre. The snow and ice on the mountain melded in the spring sun and all around the caldera rocks came off with the melting ice and fell down – a natural concert of ongoing erosion. Bong bing bong bong. ….. bing bong bong ….. bong bong bing bong….

Good, to have a rest, take time and listen…  I lay down on a big, flat rock. The rock was black and already warmed up by the sun.

The next day I had sunburn on my throat, I fell asleep on the rock in the warming sprin-sun.

June 10th,  2012 (finished)

Second try.

It was not sure, if I could climb this mountain that day or it will be just another try. The day before I drove to that area and stayed overnight in a small local hotel. Recently I felt some pain in the stomach area, no idea what it was, but it started to bother me permanently those days. Besides that, the weather was not good, a cloudy day. It was good to take time in the morning – and think about health and body condition, as I never did pay attention to it a lot before.

After reaching the hiking starting point, I was thinking about “to go or not to go”. If we don´t try we never know, if we could succeed or at which point we will struggle and what we will have to improve. Therefore if there is a will and chance to succeed, it’s always better to try! So I thought and went.

The hike was not too long and most of the way the trail lead through different kind of forest. Close to the top, there is a mountain hut and a spring with delicious, fresh water. There is nothing to worry about the way, easy walkable and to find. I reached the top – and I was happy and thankful that I tried it!

On the way back I stopped at the onsen at the ropeway-station of Bandai-ski area. The Onsen in the hotel has a fine, smooth orange water.

Alts Snow Park & Resort:
Alts Bandai Ski Area:…
Tomamu Alpha Resort:

磐梯山 Bandaisan          10. Jun 2012

Start:    八方台 Hazuboudai (parking)     12:00 pm              1.194 m
Trail up:              弘法法水 Koubouschimizu          1:30 pm              1.630 m
Top:      磐梯山Bandaisan          2:00 pm              1.819 m
Finish:   八方台 Hazuboudai (parking)     4:00 pm              1.194 m

Duration:           4 h        Distance:            7,1 km  Height:              690 m

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