Gassan 月山, 1.984 m

1.984 m28. Jul 2012

What I remember best about hiking Gassan is its spirituality. Most likely, it was the most spiritual mountain so far. Gassan is one of the three holy mountains of Deiwa. And the highest of them.

After leaving Tokyo the evening before, I parked for the night at a service area on the highway.

Weather was generally fine, just a bit cloudy when the hiking started. From the parking place you can take the seat carrier, then the hike starts a bit further up and follows an easy trail. On the way beautiful mountain flowers grew, for watching edelweiss it was a bit late, but many other flowers bloomed beautiful.

The top was covered with clouds. A couple carried their dog up there, unfortunately dogs are forbidden to visit in shrine and have to wait outside.

Visiting the shrine was a good experience and moment. After received some power, pray and holy drink, the way back was really easy to go.

This was the first shrine of Deiwa.

月山 Gassan 28. Jul 2012

Start: 月山リフト上駅  Gassan-lift upper station, 8:10 am, 1.510 m
Trail: 姥ヶ岳 Ubagadake, 8:30 am, 1.670 m
Trail: 牛首 Uschikubi, 8:55 am, 1.697 m
Top: 月山 Gassan, 9:50 am, 1.984 m
Trail down: 月山リフト上駅分岐  Gassan-lift upper station point, 11:00 am, 1.537 m
Finish: 月山リフト上駅  Gassan-lift upper station 11:30 am 1.510 m

Duration: 3h 20min  Distance:  6,3 Km  Height: 550 m            


Second shrine and mountain of Deiwa: Mount Yudono

It can be easily accessed from the parking place. After taking off shoes and receiving some power, visitors can enter this unique place. But it is not allowed to report about what we have seen, nor can we take any pictures. Let’s keep the secret.

Mount Yudono  28. Jul 2012
Duration:  1h 5min  Distance:  1,4 Km Height:      160 m


Third shrine and mountain of Deiwa: Mount Haguro

It was already afternoon, hot and humid. Best atmosphere to visit a cedar tree covered mountain. A river runs through the area and the old, wooden shrine and pagoda looked mystic. I have not counted how many steps let up the mountain, might me a thousand. Everybody who went up there this day sweat and same time was impressed by the spirit and nature scenery.

It was possible to take another route back down, finally reached the car and after hiking today the three mountain of Deiwa, visiting an Onsen was absolutely the right thing to do.

Mount Haguro   28. Jul 2012
Duration: 2h 30min    Distance: 5,2 Km    Height: 330 m

Total “3 mountains of Deiwa”     28. Jul 2012
Total Duration:  6h 55min, Distance: 12,2 Km, Height: 1.040 m

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