Chokaisan 鳥海山, 2.236 m

2.236 m

29. Jul 2012
Last evening I drove from Gassan to Chokaisan and staid near hiking area.  After a foggy and windy night, the morning was still clouded.

The trail was easy to walk and well prepared until御浜語や Obamagoya. Still it was a bit foggy and windy – but what a surprise – the mountain was full with flowers. They bloomed in all colors. I took the trail on the ridge, some rocks had to be climbed, but the most difficult part was right below the peak. Many big rocks cover the mountain peak, each step has to be set carefully. Below the peak there is a cave and a small shrine inside. The top just big enough for about 10 people. After a short rest at the shrine, I walked back, crossing a snow field and back on the same ridge where I went up.

May climbers went to Chokaisan this day, unfortunately some in poor condition or bad equipped (wrong shoes). I meet several rescue teams that day, picking up injured people. On the parking area ambulance was already waiting. Hopefully nothing serious happened and injured person will recover soon. Can only repeatedly remind how important right shoes and clothes are in the mountain. Please be responsible and think also about the other person.

鳥海山 Chokaisan 29. Jul 2012

Start: 鉾立登山口 Hokodatetozanguchi, 7:30 am, 1.155 m
Trail: 御浜語や Obamagoya, 9:10 am, 1.690 m
Trail: 文殊岳 Monjiudake, 10:00 am, 1.998 m
Top: 七高山 Shitchikousan, 10:50 am, 2.229 m
Top: 鳥海山 Chokaisan, 11:20 am, 2.236 m
Trail down: 大物忌神社 Oomonoiimijinja, 11:40 am, 2.150 m
Trail down: 御浜語や Obamagoya, 1:00 pm, 1.690 m
Finish: 鉾立登山口 Hokodatetozanguchi, 2:15 pm, 1.155 m

Duration: 6h 45 min   Distance: 14,5 km    Height:  1.380 m

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