Hotakadake 穂高岳, 3.190 m

Hotakadake (Okuhotaka)
3.190 mThree days, two nights tour. Day two and three.
14. Oct 2012

The night was cold – my water was frozen.
I made coffee and watched the sunrise. Then I started to hike the mountain ridge to 北穂高岳Kitahotakadake. This trail is quite challenging – many times climbing crampons, ladders or rocks using chains. For unexperienced hikers this tour is not recommended, in German we call it “Klettersteig” . Especially if you carry heavy luggage, it is difficult to manage it.

I liked the tour and it was one of the best, and most challenging, areas of 100 Meisan hiking.

After several hours hiking and climbing up and down I reached 穂高岳山荘 Hotakadakesansou, 2.980m, mountain hut. I left my luggage there and climbed the last part up to 穂高岳Hotakadake 3.190m carrying only my camera and a bottle of water.

After having rest and nice talks with other hikers on the top, I went back to 穂高岳山荘 Hotakadakesansou, picked up my luggage and descended to 涸沢ヒュッテKarasawahuette, 2.310, where I stayed for the night. I set up the tent in a rocky field – where many other hikers camped.

Again, it was a cold night – clear sky and thousands of stars shining above us.

In the morning all hikers watched the sunrise and glooming mountain – sugoi kireii desune (superbeautiful)!

It was still early and I had lot of time, so I took the panorama route over the mountains back to Kamikotchi. The weather was beautiful and hiking in this stunning nature, on a wonderful autumn day,  my heart filled with gratefulness and happiness. And soon I became very hungry…

When I reached the bus terminal, I bought 2 lunch set and 4 bottles of tea for me – and finished all before the bus left Kamikotchi valley! I ate noodles every day and several snacks, but after this tour I became incredible hungry and thirsty!


Start: 槍ヶ岳山荘 Yarigatakesansou, 5:50 am, 3.080m
Top: 中岳 Nakadake, 3.084m
Top: 南岳 Minamidake, 7:40 am, 3.033m
Top: 北穂高岳Kitahotakadake, 3.106m
Trail: 穂高岳山荘 Hotakadakesansou 2.980m
Top: 穂高岳Hotakadake, 1:20 pm3.190m
Finish: 涸沢ヒュッテKarasawahuette, 3:50 pm, 2.310
15.Oct. 2012:
Start: 涸沢ヒュッテKarasawahuette, 6:45 am, 2.310
Finish: 上高地 Kamikouchi, 11:30 am, 1.505m


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