Tateyama 立山, 3.015 m

3.015 m
Two days tour in Kitaalps, north Alps Japan. Day one.

20. Oct. 2012

Tateyama – well known in Japan as one of the biggest construction projects, Kurobe-dam, took place below that mountain. To insure energy supply, an enormous dam was build in the center of the north Japan alps. And the project connected the east to the west through underground train, chain-train, tunnels, roads with bus service and cable car. In winter the access from west by bus leads through incredible 10 m high snow walls.

For the hike, I used access from east – underground train, tunnels, chain-train, ropeway and bus. It was autumn and the leaves colored. Many people came to enjoy this beautiful season.

Around Murodou, the place where both ways from east and west meet, it’s quite lively. Souvenir shops, many well maintained walking paths and mountain huts are placed. The hike started easy, but after 2.700m rock fields started and it’s not recommended to go without appropriate shoes.

Tateyama is a mountain ridge. You will reach the Oyama-shrine first. The real peak, Oonanjiyama is a bit further behind the Shrine. From Ooyanjiyama, I continued north aiming to hike Tsurugidake the next day.

The weather was nice all day long.
On the way to Kensansou I was already tired and at a moment just needed to sit down in the middle of the trail. My legs could not move on and I needed a rest. To heavy luggage, I brought water for two days… Suddenly a mountain chicken (?) came out of the bushes and passed just in front of me. The chicken’s feathers changed from brown to white, showing the upcoming winter season.

I left my backpack at Kensansou and continued the trail up to Tsurugidake – to explore and checkout the trail. Soon the weather changed – hiding the trail and mountain in fog. I went back, cooked dinner and wanted to sleep early to get enough rest for the next day.

The night was clear, cold, with a strong wind. The wind blew over the opposite mountain range. I hided in my thick sleeping bad and listed to the sounds. First there was a blast, think that moment the wind passed the opposite ridge, few seconds later it hit my tent and shook it up like crazy. After a couple of hours, I needed to heavy the stones which hold the tent. During the night I had to check and readjust the tension of the strings – it was a strong wind blowing.


室堂 Murodou, 9:40 am, 2.420m
一ノ越 Itchinokoshi, 10:20 am, 2.690m
雄山, Oyama, 11:15 am, 2.990m
大汝山, Oonanjiyama, 11:40 am, 3.015m   立山 Tateyama-peak
剣山荘 Kensansou, 4:15 pm, 2.475m
Duration: 6 h 35min    Distance: 7,5 km    height: 650 m

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