Senjogadake 仙丈岳, 3.033 m

3.033 m
The moon hike

04. Nov 2012
Two days  Minamialps (south Alps Japan) – day two.

Sleeping long into the day is a “no go” in mountain huts; after getting up and having breakfast, together with several other hiers, we left the hut at 5:15 am. It was a cold night, far below 0 degree. Du to the weather situation, we experienced a rare phenomenon – ice crystals growing out of the ground. Yesterday it was warm, and there is still humidity in the earth. During the night it became cold and water freezed just about the ground level. That’s how the ice crystal began to grow. Yet I don’t have an explanation how the crystals can become 5-10 cm tall and grow from the ground into the air – against gravidity. Seems, that the humidity constantly leaving the ground.

Walking using headlight in these magical crystals excited all hikers.

Soon it became bright – a wonderful clear air. Cold, but such a view! The moon was still visible above the mountains when we reached the peak at 9:10 am.  

The mountain was already covered with snow and it is highly recommended to bring your crampons (eisen) in this season. On the way back, some hikers without crampons struggled with the frozen trail, finally stopped the hike without making it to the top.  

Around 12:30 I reached the 北沢峠 Kitasawatouge mountain hut. This is a great location to do two hikes in one weekend!

After taking the bus back to the parking area, I stopped on the way at an onsen and after refreshing and warming up in 42-degree hot water, I drove back to Tokyo. Work waiting for me the next day 😊.

北沢峠 Kitasawatouge, 5:15 am, 2.030m
仙丈岳 Senjogadak, 9:10 am, 3.033m
北沢峠 Kitasawatouge, 12:15 pm 2.030m

Duration: 7h    Distance: 8,4 km   Height: 1.170 m

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