Hijiridake 聖岳, 3.013 m

3.013 m

21. Jul 2013
The night before, I drove to the parking area at Hatanagi-Dam. From there the road was closed for public, the center of Minami-alps could be accessed by bus, walking, or bicycle.

I brought my bike, and in the morning started the ride, passing the lake and followed the river upstream. The trail started at Hijiridaketosanyamagutchi. The bike was left there – I changed my shoes to hiking boots and went up the trail.

Walking upwards, I crossed several bridges – in different condition – please take care, esp. if weather is not as nice as it was on that day.

It’s a nice walk with view. Several waterfalls can be seen on the right hand side valley.

It was still early afternoon when I reached Hijiridairagoya. It’s a beautiful mountain hut, they offered a refreshing forest-fruits welcome drink!

The afternoon I spent with other hikers and mountain guides exchanging experience about hiking in Japan. We all agreed – watching Fuji-san from near or far – always our hearts filled with happiness.

On the next morning, all hikers got up early. Walking through the dark woods using headlight, we aimed to reach the peak before sunrise. After it became bright, we saw Fuji-san – huge, majestic and calm above the clouds. The top already covered with snow.

We reached the top and enjoyed the morning view, then went back to the hut and after packing our backpacks we went back down the same way as we came up yesterday. I was the only hiker, using bike to access the hike-entrance. The other hikers continued upstream to catch the bus, while I enjoyed the ride on the gravel road down the valley, back to the parking place.


20. Jul. 2013
畑薙第一ダム Hatanagi-Dam, 7:40 am, 940m
聖岳登山口 Hijiridaketosanyamagutchi, 9:30 am, 1.120 m
聖平小屋 Hijiridairagoya, 2.260m, 1:40 pm
21. Jul. 2013
聖平小屋 Hijiridairagoya, 2.260m, 3:40 pm
聖岳 Hijiridake, 5:15am, 3.013 m
聖岳登山口 Hijiridaketosanyamagutchi, 10:10am, 1.120 m
畑薙第一ダム Hatanagi-Dam, 11:20am, 940m

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