Myokosan 妙高山, 2.454 m

2.454 m

23. Jun 2013

Tsubame Onsen was the starting point of my hike. The Onsen was closed due to renovation.

I already tried to climb this mountain another day before, but due to landslides and snow I was not able to proceed.
This time the way on the southern part of the valley was ok to hike – the north route was still closed. About half the way up, near two waterfalls, beautiful pink flowers grow.

Around the top the trail became a bit more rocky, it was cloudy with limited view.

I went back and enjoyed the hot spring 😊

燕温泉Tsubame Hot Spring, 9:50 am, 1.190m
妙高山 Myokosan, 12:40 pm, 2.454m
燕温泉Tsubame Hot Spring, 3:50 pm, 1.190m

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