Dacian fortress: Cetatea Costeşti

Dacian fortress: Cetatea Costeşti

Costeşti is located 40 min south of the A1 highway. Exit at Orăştie, take 705A and then 705F towards south. You can easily find way signs to the world heritage sites.

There are three Dacian Fortresses along the 705F road, they can be visited during one day – or one weekend if you prefer to spend more time in the nature.

In Costeşti turn right and after passing the bridge, sharp right again on a gravel road. The gravel road will lead through residental area and then up to one of the hills. After a sharp curve to the left, park the car at the end of the road. The fortress is only approx. 100m up the hill, the way is easy to walk.

The fortress was build in the 1st centure BC and destroyed during the second Dacian-Roman war in 106.




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