Dacian fortress: Sarmizegetusa Regia

The former dacian capital Sarmizegetusa Regia is located deep in the Gradistea Muncelului Natural Park. It is the most famous ancient Dacian site in Romania. From the parking place a 30 min walk leads up to the ancient site, the entrance fee is RON 10 for adults.

The capital contained several huge temples, with different shapes, build on huge stone-fundaments. The site is comparable with Stonehenge and other ancient sites in Europe. Unfortunately the Dacian had no written language and little is known about their culture and living style. Yet the investigations are still ongoing and many secrets still might be buried below the vegetation in this area.

The city was surrounded by 3 meters thick and 3-4 meter high walls. It had streets, huge halls, temples and a well-developed water system, which proves the high development of the culture in that area and time.

Visiting the Dacian fortresses, we wondered how the romans managed to concur the Dacian fortresses. As the fortresses with thick walls and watchtowers have been positioned on huge, steep rocks. Most likely the romans used catapults to through fire-balls into the fortresses? According to the information from UNESCO, the fortresses and capital only could be concurred after the water system supplying the Dacian army, was destroyed. This in combination with usage of catapults and fire could explain the way how in 106 the romans finally won the second war – which marked the end of the Dacian culture.

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