Saschiz – Keisd

Saschiz – Homorod – Racos – Darjiu – Archita
Weekend round trip (part 1)

Saschiz – Keisd  

We left Sibiu at 10:30 on a sunny day. It was hot – more summer than spring. We took Road 14, passed Medias and Sighisoara and after shopping stop we reached Saschiz at 1:30.

The ruins of Saschez fortress, build in the 14th century, are located 2 km from the village center on a hill nearby the forest and oversee the village and valley. We parked the car below the fortress – a small gravel road lead up there but its not suitable for low cars. Alternatively the hike from the village will take about 40 min.

The ruins are stunning – with 5 towers and intact walls. Enter the fortress through the large gate and watchtower. Inside the fortress you can find the ruins of the chapel and a well. From east a thunderstorm rose and we just reached the car before heavy rain started.

Saschiz church World heritage

The church was build between 1493 and 1496 with huge arches. Climb the narrow stairs on the backside of the church and see the ceiling construction from above.

From the initial ring wall only the north tower is preserved but not opened for visitors.

On the other side of the road, the old abandoned school building fights the time. A bit of sleeping beauty (Dornroeschen) feeling appeared while watching the roses growing nearby the church and tower.

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