Archita fortified church

Saschiz – Homorod – Racos – Darjiu – Archita
Weekend round trip (part 4)

Archita fortified church

After passing the railway, the gravel road lead to the village center. On one of the five towers a stork build his nest and already several small storks waiting for food. One of the parents brought water – to refresh and cool them from the direct sun which was shining hot this day.

Lucky – on the door of Archita fortified church we found a telephone number and soon a local woman opened the ford for us.

The church is protected by two ring walls, a defense system which was finalized during 16th century. The gothic church was built on a previous Romanian church but its original interior destroyed during a fire in 1748.

The huge bell tower can be climbed – but be very, very careful! The stairs are narrow and steep and seem centuries old. The last steep ladder leads to the top of the bell tower – just a few wooden planks up there and enough space to sit for two person and watch the view.

Entrance fee: 8 RON/adult

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